Skoda ONE


The project is based on an assigment from Skoda Auto a.s. to design a small, electric passenger car.

The design involves the entire layout of the exterior with minimal dimensions and a front windshield

with a unique angle that provides driver improved visibility. The unusual interior is designed for 3

passengers, with driver in the middle up front and the passengers next to one another on an elevated seat

in the back.

Authors: Ludmil Slavov , Lukaš Řípa, Martin Beinhauer

Škoda Auto consultant: Ak. Soch. Václav Capouch

Cinsultants: Doc. M.A. Ivan Dlabač , MgA. Vlastimil Bartas

  • Author Ludmil Slavov / Lukaš Řípa / Martin Beinhauer
  • Made in 2013